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David Martin
David Martin

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yes, i do. i only use shampoo products. i like to experiment with conditioners and other things like that, but i don't use anything outside of just shampoo. shampoo products are totally what i want to use because i know what i am putting on my hair. i know what i am putting in my body. i trust in the products.

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traditionally, self-defence has been difficult to assess: injuries, the severity of attacks and even the objective reasons for behaviour changes are not always clear. although violence and exposure to crime is not part of the experience of the student, no special precautions seem warranted. nonetheless, people continue to study and work in the same places year after year. "i study on my own," says one student. "when i used to go to the library, i didn't like when everyone sat at a specific table. i preferred to sit on the floor." his fellow students sympathise and tell stories about being mugged or attacked. at a similar library, when i ask who feels they are more at risk (students or teachers), "people mingle more" is the general response.

if you come from a world where almost everything of value comes at a price, then the high-end car of the future may not be very different. as well as the usual features of a mobile touchscreen, you'll be able to make use of augmented reality technology to provide up-to-the-minute details about the road ahead, providing real-time warnings about traffic jams, car accidents or maintenance. for those who are keen on doing things the old-fashioned way, the car's onboard navigation system will reveal the fastest routes and provide traffic statistics. now that's a car you can have in your pocket.


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