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Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Italiano Scaricare

bookworm is a word game with an amusing storyline. the game begins with the protagonist, an innocent girl named bookworm, who wakes up in a library. here she learns that she's been sleeping for several years, and that she has to do something about it. the longer she is awake, the higher her score and the higher the score she needs to reach to wake up. as you progress through the game, you'll learn new words and spells. that's your goal: to find the way out of the library and wake up!

Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Italiano Scaricare


bookworm is a puzzle game where you have to create words with the letter tiles in the field. click on adjacent letters to form words and score points. the longer the words you create, the higher your score will be! there are also special tiles and bonus words. beware of the red burning tiles, because if they reach the bottom of the screen the game ends. note: if bookworm does not work on your iphone or ipad, make sure to update to the latest ios version (15.5) and it will work again.

bookworm adventures is a free-to-play word game in which you create a word by clicking on tiles to form letters. the letters you choose must be adjacent to one another. once a word has been formed, the letters are eaten up by a cute animated character called lex the bookworm, which can help you create words. you have to spell and guess the correct word to beat the level. if you reach the end of the level without guessing the correct word, you are given the option to choose another letter to eat up.

the story of bookworm adventures is set in a fictional world populated by a cast of intriguing characters. the world itself is broken into words, each made up of letters, which can be rearranged to form new words. you, as lex the bookworm, will travel through various worlds to build words that are used to beat your opponents. each world has a number of levels, with each level introducing new words that you have to match with the ones you had earlier.

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