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Learn French (Pimsleur) (4 Audio CDs - MP3)

There are up to 33 interactive audio lessons with 25 hours of learning each. Others include 31 illustrated culture and language lessons, MegaGames, quizzes, progress tracking and self tests.Learn more about Rocket French Read Review

Learn French (Pimsleur) (4 Audio CDs - MP3)

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Also included in the bundle are five audio CDs to provide for learning, flashcards, downloadable podcasts, exclusive and handy Fluenz Navigator for mobile learning with more French phrases and words.

You don't have to be in a classroom or sit at a computer to learn a new language. Any situation where you can listen to audio lessons on your smartphone or device, you can be learning your new language at the same time! You can see by the situations in the photos below, that you can learn on-the-go or in lots of everyday situations!

"What I like about Pimsleur audio lessons is that I can do them while I'm doing something else. I can listen to then on my smartphone while I'm showering and getting ready in the morning. I can listen and learn while I'm driving or riding the bus. I enjoy doing woodworking, and I can listen and practice while I'm out in my garage working. And sometimes I even listen to them in the evening while I'm relaxing in the living room or in bed. I don't have to block out time -- I just listen, practice, and improve my language proficiency at the same time as I'm doing other things during the day.

Pimsleur is one of the longest standing and most popular audio programs out there for learning a foreign language (second perhaps to only Rosetta Stone). Their learning program is unique, has a strong academic background, and a real reputation for bringing results.

Pimsleur is a primarily an audio based course for learning a new language. It uses a sort of call and response approach to learning, where the user is presented with a phrase in their new language along with its translation and repeats after the audio. Pimsleur focuses on speaking, listening, a good deal of pronunciation, and even reading.

Though it may have been repackaged and renamed at various times because of advertising, the Pimsleur language learning programs have stayed true to the original method developed by their creator. Pimsleur is still audio based and still follows a method of call, recall, and response.

In comparison to Pimsleur, Rocket Languages is the new kid on the block in language learning (RL came out in 2004). You may have heard of Rocket Languages through their ever prolific online advertising. There are over 12 different courses offered by Rocket Languages. Each is built around recorded audio in the form of dialogues.

Italki is an online market place that connects language learners with teachers for one-on-one classes via video or audio chat. There are thousands of teachers for French, Spanish, Japanese, and almost any other language you can think of. Paid lesson may not cost much, depending on where your teacher is from (teachers set their own prices).

You might also enjoy the Tá Falado podcasts on grammar and pronunciation. Although they are designed for spanish speakers learning Portuguese, I learned a lot from them in the early stage. The Semántica Level 1 videos are also very good and I think you would get a lot of out them just from the audio.

Focused on audio (in 30 minute-long lessons) with a separate Reading Component which uses a phonetic approach to learning how to read. Listen to words and dialogues in the target language and repeat after the speaker.

We did this course via Audible over 1.5-2 months (4-5 lessons per week), where you can get all 30 lessons for I think it was 5 credits, so that really cuts down the price and also provides additional audio content with a PDF book for extra exercises (side note: it's also how I learned Audible has attachments that go with the main audio). I typically listened in the morning on my way to work (45ish minutes of easy highway driving; the car is also ideal to repeat phrases out loud since nobody else is around) and would do the reading material either before my commute, at night after work, or on weekends.

[from] Rush Hour uses the power of catchy melodies and dynamic rhythms to introduce you to basic expressions and vocabulary for every day life. Follow the main character, Jon through all the events of his day - as he learns the language, so will you. HIGHLIGHTS: All-audio course - listen and learn at home, at the gym, in the car, on the plane 10 short lessons fit easily into you busy lifestyle Topics include: greetings, telling time, transportation, weather, jobs, food, shopping, sports, and leisure activities. Exciting storyline keeps you involved. Listener's guide helps you follow along with ease INCLUDES: 2 CDs of language-learning lessons set to lively music Bonus CD with popular Rush Hour songs; Listener's guide with a complete transcript of the audio course; Downloadable Rush Hour word game; Free sturdy case to hold your Rush Hour CDs. [user review:] My 3 year old and I zip around town listening to these CDs and love singing the catchy songs. It is a great way to pick up a couple of practical phrases while running errands. It has made my toddler and myself want to learn more and a great way to introduce people of all ages to Italian. I even think my 9 month old enjoys the songs and conversations because he seems pretty happy when they are playing. ;)

Many vendors of digital audiobooks have begun offering content in languages other than English. Some of these audiobooks are intended to help an English-speaking user learn another language, some are books originally written in English and translated into other languages, and some are true foreign works.

As of mid-November 2006, OverDrive offered 2 Arabic language-learning audiobooks, 3 Chinese language-learning audiobooks, 23 French titles (primarily juvenile fiction and language learning), 9 German language-learning audiobooks, 26 Italian titles (language learning, juvenile fiction, and adult classics), 6 Japanese language-learning audiobooks, 4 Russian language-learning and business titles, and 222 titles in Spanish.33

With Audible, libraries purchase copies of selected content and probably will need to invest in portable playback devices on which to load the content for circulation. Retail prices for Audible audiobooks range from 95 cents to $147 (for the Pimslauer Spanish language learning books). The median price is $17.50.37

A second major integration involves integrating digital audiobooks from two or more vendors. As libraries learn that digital audiobooks are of sustained interest to the populations they serve, the libraries may want to use the services of various vendors.

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