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True Story: Download 480p Movies in HD Quality for Free

Reviewed by: City of Ashes April Spisak Clare, Cassandra City of Ashes. McElderry, 2008 [480p] (Mortal Instruments) ISBN 978-1-4169-1429-7$17.99 Reviewed from galleys R Gr. 9-12 Preteen Audrey is an obedient, easygoing girl with one big secret: she is a fiction writer. Her aspirations to be a famous author take an interesting detour when a magical duck leads Audrey to a mysterious cave containing a peculiar old woman who offers her the gift of a pen. Of course, such a chain of events can only lead to mystical goings-on with the pen, as Audrey discovers when things she writes begin to come true. Although it takes her a bit to catch on, Audrey soon realizes that she could use this pen for significant good to help her mother, who is struggling [End Page 354] with her boss, or her father, who is seriously ill. However, claiming magic for one's own goals is always a slippery exercise, and although the protagonist gets much of what she wants, it is not quite clear whether a pen, luck, or hard work has the final impact. Snyder has developed an intriguing and nicely balanced cast, surrounding Audrey with quirky, complex, and memorable characters. Unfortunately, Audrey herself is a bit too well-behaved, gullible, and short-sighted to keep readers strongly engaged with her personally. In addition, the underdeveloped and vaguely referenced context of the 1973 Californian landscape in which the novel takes place seems an unnecessary distraction in what could otherwise be a story anywhere or anytime about a girl who will take intervention wherever it can be found, whether in magic or her own talents. Nevertheless, the overall emphasis on the power of story to change the world (in small or significant ways) will not be lost on fiction readers, most of who certainly wouldn't mind a pen that could conjure up their own fantastic imaginings.

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