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DesktopBSD Is Out!

Web site: www.desktopbsd.netOrigin: AustriaCategory: DesktopDesktop environment: KDE 3Architecture: x86, x86_64Based on: FreeBSDWikipedia: DesktopBSDMedia: Live DVDThe last version Released: 1.7 September 7, 2009 Zobacz po polsku: DesktopBSD

DesktopBSD is out!

Download Zip:

I would probably choose these over Linux.In many ways these are probably more stable and just as easy to use as any Linux distros but the benefit of stable, updated and secure packages!PC-BSD - DesktopBSD - =37Personally PC-BSD is Beta at this point and is not easy if you are installing it on a non-primary partition.I have not used DesktopBSD but I'll try it out. I hear it is more stable and for whatever reason just hasn't gained the popularity it deserves!It also came out before PC-BSD I understand because the owner wanted to make it stable and non-beta first.Tags:freebsd, desktop, ossfreebsd, ossi, linux, distros, updated, packages, pc, bsd, http, www, pcbsd, org, desktopbsd, index, php, beta, installing, primary, partition, ll, hasn, gained, popularity,

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