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Such peer pressure should make the older child stop sucking his thumb soon enough. At least during the day when the child is in school or on the playground. The older child may however, still continue to suck his thumb in his sleep, just as he did when he was a baby. Some older children may manage to stop sucking their thumbs most of the time, but resume the habit when they are under stress.

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Babies and children begin sucking their thumbs as a reflex, making them feel secure and safe. The behavior may extend into adulthood for similar reasons. Adults may suck their thumbs as a response to stress or anxiety.

Many babies and young children suck their thumbs, but most stop by the age of 4. However, some people will continue to suck their thumb into adulthood. Vigorous thumb sucking can cause blisters, calluses, and dental problems.

It is typical for babies to suck their thumbs at one point or another. Most children stop once they reach toddler age, however some children carry the habit on for many years. Sucking your thumb is a bad habit. Not only can it cause damage to your teeth, it can also cause you embarrassment. Here are a few tips on how to stop.[1]XResearch source

For some adults who suck their thumbs, stress reduction and alleviation of symptoms stemming from anxiety may be a significant benefit. No other benefits have been identified in either research or anecdotally.

Some adults have reported that they were able to stop sucking their thumbs by making a decision to do so and sticking to it. This may not work for everyone, especially if the behavior has become a long-term or subconscious habit.

Everyone has their ways of reducing anxiety and relieving stress. Some ways are considered healthy and socially acceptable. Others, not so much. For instance, thumbsucking is considered normal as an infant but is frowned upon as you get older. But if it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes you feel better, what's the big deal? Well, sucking on your thumb can actually create oral health problems for you. If you're an adult who sucks your thumb, we'll throw some tips your way to kick the habit and keep you smiling.

Sucking on thumbs, fingers, or pacifiers can calm babies and young children because it helps them feel secure and safe. Johns Hopkins Medicine points out that nearly nine out of 10 babies start to suck on their thumb or another part of their hands just hours after birth. They note that thumb-sucking shouldn't cause any problems if children stop by 5, and children usually stop on their own between the ages of 2 and 4. For some people, however, the behavior continues through adulthood.

Older children and adults seem to suck their thumbs to find comfort and security just like infants do. A journal of pediatrics, Minerva Pediatrica, performed a neurological study of people from 5 to 25 years old who were still in the habit of sucking their thumbs and found that thumb sucking stimulates certain receptors that release physical and psychological tension. But that release of tension can come at a cost to your oral health.

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