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Prinect Signa Station 45 27 !!INSTALL!!

Additional Machine Details:Prinect workflow for Suprasetter A52 MetaDimension 7.x CIP3/4, Trapper, ColorProof etc. PrePress Interface 4.5 (sheet 52) Signastation 4.5 (sheet 105, 8-up) Installed on Xeon Server/Win Server 2003 incl. DVDs, Dongles und License-Codes All offers subject to be unsold

Prinect Signa Station 45 27

Download File:

StationNumber The "StationNumber" mark is a text mark thatcontains a variable (number) and is used to identify a 1up. Themark can be used in the Packaging and Montage work modes. You canfind a description of the station number in the "Packaging" chapterin the Reference manual or in "Packaging" in the Online Help.Tiling Mark (Tiling Line) "TilingLine" is not a mark in the usualsense of the word, but rather a function. If the material format ofthe imagesetter is smaller than that of the press, the PrinectSigna Station sheet must be output in more than one tile. You usetiling lines to specify where the sheet should be divided. Tilingmarks always refer to the paper. For that reason, you can only settiling marks with the Plate Template Editor or the Press SheetInspector. Collating Mark "CollatingMark" is responsible forcollating. Creating Marks with the Measure Tool These marks onlyexist as a job-internal marks, but can be used in all work modes.You can find a description of how to create these marks in the"Graphic Window" chapter in the Reference manual or in "CreatingInternal Marks" in the Online Help.

Internal MarksInternal marks are marks that are in a job. A markcan be present in several product parts and, for that reason, marksare job components as well. They are shown in "Marks" in the"Internal Resources" tab in the Browser window. In addition, themarks are saved with the job. This makes the job self-contained andyou can transfer it simply from one workstation to another. A jobexport is recommended if contents (pages/1ups) are imported.

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