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Bennett Lewis

[PDF] Practices For Engaging The 21st Century Workforce: Challenges Of Talent Management In A Changi

Abstract:To meet the sustainability challenges in the 21st century, students need to develop a unique human learning capacity for creativity, responsibility, adaptation, meaningfulness, and lifelong learning. Furthermore, current changes in the societal environment have given rise to the need for a new learning strategy that guides learners in perceiving reality as an interrelated purposeful system with meaningful limits rather than collections of facts or systems without limits, as done so far. This paper aims to verify its hypothesis and introduce the 21st-century Empowering Wholeness Adaptive learning model (21st EWA Edu). This is a unique learning strategy that enables a meaningful transformation of learning capacity and creates a unifying learning system of dynamic content, didactics, knowledge, skills, competencies, understanding, values, and behaviors. Over three years, data from three cohorts of students at the School of Business Administration were collected. To assess the impact of the 21st EWA learning approach, both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis were employed. The results suggest that the proposed model creates a learning system enabling the transformation of learning capacity while empowering students to become conscious and engaged lifelong learners, which is much needed for a truly sustainable future.Keywords: systems thinking; education for sustainable development; transformative learning; key competencies in sustainability; critical pedagogy; understanding of wholeness; learning capacity; project-based learning; team-based learning

[PDF] Practices for Engaging the 21st Century Workforce: Challenges of Talent Management in a Changi


The career journeys of people in the 21st century have been guided and disrupted by Industry 4.0, an industrial revolution driven by digitalisation, profoundly changing the world of work. It must be the role of the qualified career practitioners to guide students through this transition, providing insights into the future of work, in particular guidance on 21st century skills and the demand for emerging vocations and professions.


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